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"The fertile womb programme came exactly when I needed it. With 2 failed ivfs, Mel directed me to establish an insight into myself and broaden my knowledge in regards to self care and self worth. I have absolutely no doubt that I wouldn’t have fallen pregnant without the support of the fertile womb ladies and practices Mel guides us through. The bonus was I was able to cancel my 3rd round of ivf and am now blessed with 6 month old twins which were conceived naturally. Forever grateful to Mel for this great gift"

- Karalea



"It sounds really cheesy but The Fertile Womb really changed my mindset. I learnt a lot about what healthy really was. I would have told you I was the healthiest person and that pregnancy should have happened but I now know I absolutely was not healthy (whether that was in my mind or in my body). While I was still seeing doctors and the medical world, what saved me and what kept me in the best frame of mind was this constant support and constant mindset I was in from The Fertile Womb, which meant that the doctors appointments that can feel quite hopeless, cold and clinical and not very personal (and a little bit judgemental!) were completely fine. That’s when I think things really changed. About a month after I finished The Fertile Womb I was pregnant!

I fell pregnant on a cancelled stimulated cycle. Nobody believed me! I didn’t quite believe it myself. I really struggled to reconcile the science. It was very very strange. My doctor didn’t believe me and I did wait to get blood results to confirm it before I even told my husband because it shouldn’t have happened but I’m glad that it did happen that way because it taught me a valuable lesson."

- Sarah Moore



"I think the mind is so important and The Fertile Womb Program was something I could do that was proactive and if nothing else, I was hoping it would get me into a better headspace because it had all been pretty stressful and negative. I thought, "what have I got to lose? The program was not going to have any nasty side effects like a drug so I thought I’d give it a go. I wondered if the Fertile Womb was going to be worth the money but then I thought about how much money we had already spent on doctors appointments and tablets and acupuncture.

I ended up falling pregnant during the Fertile Womb program after 2 years of trying.

My favourite part of The Fertile Womb was having something to do each week that was just for me. You can get into a bit of a rut when trying to get pregnant. I liked having that hour or two each week where I’d look at the module and reflect on some of the questions. I also really liked the hypnosis - it was really relaxing. I did it most nights.

Give The Fertile Womb a go! It’s not going to do any harm or hinder your chances of falling pregnant at all - it’s only going to help. You will hopefully get some surprising results and if not you will just be in a better headspace yourself at the end of it."

- Natalie Tyson



"We’d had a referral to an IVF clinic for a few months down the track but decided in the meantime we’d give ourselves another go at trying naturally because we thought IVF was going to be a big long, expensive journey that could have taken several cycles. We thought we’d try one last ditch attempt before we went into that sort of thing and give ourselves a go and so joined The Fertile Womb. We thought what did we have to lose really!?

Our IVF appointment was actually somewhere during the Program itself. At that appointment we were told that we weren’t able to have IVF through them because I am overweight and they didn’t accept that there. But the day after our IVF appointment I actually found out that we were already pregnant!

I got so much out of The Fertile Womb Program. I found it really comforting to have other women that were in the same boat as us even if they weren’t going down the exact same path as us. We were all struggling to get pregnant so it was comforting to have a small group to confide in, to hear their stories and to know that you’re not the only one.

Both myself and my husband really loved the hypnosis tracks. We put them on every night and listened to them after we had said good night to each other and listened to them falling asleep to your voice. It’s very relaxing and calming and the first hypnosis track in particular really surprised both of us. I really slept so well after that. When I woke up throughout the day I remember feeling different - perked up, spritely, ready to tackle the day. I felt happier and lighter and slept really well after that and it only got better and better each day.

If you have been told that IVF is your only option, really what have you got to lose by spending the money on The Fertile Womb Program compared to thousands and thousands of dollars on IVF? Give yourself a chance to do it yourself."

- Samantha Butcher



"Prior to starting The Fertile Womb Program I was taking my temperature every morning, checking my fertility app 5 times a day and feeling really down by the lack of control and, by trying to get more control I was making it worse.

I can’t even compare how I feel now it’s so different. Now I feel like I’ve got all the time in the world. I’m taking time to build my body and make myself the healthiest version of myself to support a positive pregnancy and to look forward into the future.

I have lost 10 kgs since starting the Fertile Womb journey because I have made massive changes to my life in terms of how I exercise, how I eat and how I live my life.

Just join The Fertile Womb Program! It will change your life. The number one thing that’s driving the program is actually getting results and changing people’s lives. I’m a 100% of a different person since doing The Fertile Womb Program."

- Alison Lawrence

(UPDATE: A couple of weeks after this interview, Alison found out that she had fallen pregnant naturally and now has a beautiful baby girl!)


“Hi Melanie,

You don’t know me but I am a friend of K. R. and have seen the transformation she has gone through whilst doing your program and working along side of you.

I wanted to send you a quick message to tell you that you’re pure magic. I am sure you already know that but I think in business, it can’t hurt to hear it again and again and again.

I’ve been recommending you and your program to anyone who tells me about fertility problems and am a huge advocate for what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

I really wanted to simply acknowledge you and the work you’re doing.

Keep being awesome, you’re making a HUGE difference.

Carissa x”


“Wow what can I say – I was initially hesitant with starting the Fertile Womb Program with an already overcommitted schedule and my feelings of hopelessness on our fertility journey, I was worried that this would be the next “thing” that we would try and be heartbroken from.

Even though I thought we had tried everything from countless doctors and specialists, naturopaths, acupuncture and every other modality I could think of, I eventually made the decision to start it anyway and from the first week of the program I knew I was onto something very different.

This program has had very unexpected benefits for me – it has brought on a cycle of new, change and understanding of my body and mind and even my personality that I did not have before.  The energy in our home and even my work has changed and it has even had a flow on effect on my husband and his career as he has watched me change over the last 12 weeks. I have a deep sense of peace and happiness and my perception has really changed from a place of lack in regards to the baby journey, to a place of complete fullness.

I can not thank Melanie enough for her dedication to her clients, professionalism, and knowledge and for having the courage to create a program that charters different territory and provides such a nurturing and supportive platform for growth. This program really has had life changing results and we will be forever grateful.”

– K. R.


“The Fertile Womb Program is such a fantastic way to help support women who are on their fertility journey.  It has provided me with such a vast amount of knowledge and understanding about a variety of issues that could be affecting my fertility that have never even been mentioned by my Specialist.

The journey I have been on over the last four years has been very challenging both emotionally and physically and the Fertile Womb Program has helped to strengthen my mind and in turn my body to continue with this journey.  I highly recommend Mel to anyone who is seeking support in their fertility.”

– C. M.


“I joined Melanie Colwell’s Fertile Womb course because after trying to conceive for some time, I realised I should put my best foot forward; mind, body and soul.

As a busy 34 year old woman whom works full time, I felt stressed and frustrated in my ‘trying to conceive’ journey. There was so much information online, various cycle tracking options and advice from friends and doctors, I felt so overwhelmed and out of control.

The Fertile Womb course was exactly what I needed. It is so much more than a course on hypnosis or even bettering yourself to increase chances of conception—as it offers so much more!

I commenced the course a little skeptical of self hypnosis but gave it a go with an open mind and a positive attitude.

During my initial session with Melanie, she uncovered a range of things in my life that were unconsciously making me miserable, some of which I could change to improve straight away.

One of the other things that was making me miserable was the house in which I lived in. Following Melanie’s advice, my partner and I moved house in the following weeks.

I learnt so much through the Fertile Womb course, but the most I learnt was about myself. It sounds cliche but I became the best version of myself with just a few tweaks and overall self improvement I learnt throughout the course.

My thoughts, attitude, sleeping habits, eating habits, personality, health and relationship were just some of key things I improved during the course.

Friends, family and colleagues had noticed the changes and that I was absolutely beaming with life and true happiness, which I’d only felt once or twice in my adulthood before.

Although it was the icing on the cake, I’m happy to say I fell pregnant days later, and I am now 17weeks pregnant.

Melanie Colwell is a compassionate, knowledgeable and exceptional woman, giving other women the tools, advice and support to be the best and happiest person they can be, ready to conceive.

I recommend this course to every woman contemplating conception or already on a journey to conception.”

– Chloe Smith


“I started seeing Mel at the suggestion of a friend who had noticed that I was struggling and could do with some assistance. I wasn’t sure what I was in for as I had never had any hypnotherapy before but I was willing to give it a go. Mel was excellent. She was able to ask all the right questions and tease out issues that I hadn’t even considered.

My biggest frustration before seeing Mel was that I wasn’t able to have it all. I had a great job, a great husband and a great life, but I wasn’t able to fall pregnant and lived in a constant state of stress. As a person who liked planning my life, this was rather frustrating to me as it was not in my control.

In our first session, Mel helped me understand that my priorities in life were all over the place and I was being pulled in all directions. The priorities I wanted to have did not align with the priorities that I was living. She helped me understand how to decide on my priorities and tricks to start implementing them.

The affect Mel had on me was instantaneous. I left our first session feeling calm, prepared and confident that life would work out well. I even remember calling my boss and telling her how much better I felt. I felt the same after each session. I was impressed that Mel was able to know just what to ask and just what to say.

The best news of all was that, two days after our last session, I found out that I was pregnant. Life is good!

I would highly recommend to anyone who feels lost to allow Mel to help you get your life back on track. She is friendly, professional, easy to talk to and she really helps. I really can’t thank Mel enough for helping me. I really consider that time to be a turning point.”

– Nicki Page


“My biggest frustration prior to seeing Mel was that I wasn’t getting pregnant and there was no real explanation as to why I couldn’t conceive naturally. I had had endometriosis for years and had been doing IVF for 2 years. I was mentally and physically exhausted and in need of something extra on top of my acupuncture to help me keep sane.

I was lucky enough to come across Melanie through a friend. I didn’t realise that I was so unhappy in so many areas of my life and didn’t realise that I had unresolved issues from years ago that needed to be addressed.

Through working with Mel I began to gain the confidence required to ask my medical team the difficult questions and challenge them. I also put myself out there and started making changes in my personal and professional life.

I was and still am in a fairly stressful job but prior to seeing Mel I didn’t know how to ‘deal with’ or manage my stressors. She gave me the skills needed to understand that not everything was my problem and that I needed to stop taking on other peoples issues. ‘Not my circus, not my monkeys’ has become my mantra and it is amazing! I use it almost daily.

I am much less stressed and anxious than when I started working with Melanie over a year ago and believe that our hard work helped me fall pregnant through IVF in August this year. I am currently 19 weeks pregnant and believe that hypnosis is the key to my success. By learning how to relax, focus on myself instead of others and losing the ‘guilt’ I had around certain issues, I created room for more important and enjoyable things in my life. I strongly believe that this was the key to my fertility success.

I listen to audio tracks every night that Melanie created specifically for me and these help me remain calm and focused on my goal, which is to be a mum.

Melanie works hard but expects you to work hard too. You need to be prepared to put in the work to receive the rewards. Melanie asks great questions that get you thinking outside the box and while this can be confronting at times, it really helps you work through whatever it is you want to resolve so you can move forward to achieve your goals.

I would recommend Melanie to anyone who wants to get into their subconscious and change their mindset to help with fertility issues. She is highly professional but warm and friendly at the same time. Sometimes she might tell you things you don’t want to hear but that is to challenge your thinking and it certainly made me a much stronger person than before we started working together.

I cannot thank her enough for helping me achieve my dream of falling pregnant!”

– Amy Spencer


“I was initially a little hesitant at the idea of starting coaching with Melanie as I had no experience with this type of coaching and was unsure of what to expect. I was a bit concerned about discussing personal issues such as fertility, anxiety and depression with someone I hadn’t met. I decided that I had nothing to lose by trying it however, and my reservations quickly disappeared when I met Melanie and discovered how genuine, open and professional she is.

My life has changed in so many ways since meeting Melanie. In our initial session she asked about my goals for coaching and also asked a question about what my life would be like if I could wave a magic wand and have the life I wanted. I can’t remember my exact answer but I know that it included being pregnant, being happy and emotionally stable with minimal reliance on antidepressants, having a house and time and energy to devote to important personal relationships. At the time I lacked faith that some of these things were possible but they completely reflect my life now. I am now 33 weeks pregnant, have wonderful supportive relationships in my life, have bought a house and can’t remember a time when I felt happier or healthier.

I think that the reason that the coaching with Melanie was so beneficial was that she used such a holistic and personalised approach. She made an effort to really understand my experiences and background, personality and preferences and used this to target the coaching so that I was motivated to make real changes to my health and my perspective on life. Her broad approach targeted many underlying factors that were contributing to the issues I was experiencing and helped me to understand my personality profile and approach to life. She offered well researched, evidence based, practical strategies which helped me to improve my sleep, nutrition, level of activity and thought patterns. I don’t think I would have gained the same results if the coaching targeted only fertility, which was my main focus at the beginning of the sessions.

I would recommend working with Melanie without hesitation. She has given me a new perspective on the way that I approach my health and my life and I couldn’t be happier with the outcomes that I have achieved. Melanie has a very natural, open and skilled approach to coaching which made me comfortable discussing my hopes, feelings and issues without fear of being judged. This also encouraged me to really engage with the process and put into practice the strategies she recommended, which resulted in meaningful changes in my life.”

(I can’t thank you enough for spending so much time and effort working with me to achieve my goals. You have made a real difference in my life in what was a very difficult time and I know that I will take a lot of what I’ve learnt with me into the future).”

– Karen Gregor


“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to learn so much from you. You have helped me to realise that I am so much stronger than I thought I was or ever could be. You have also helped me to realise that I can follow my interests in meditation and given me the confidence to put myself out there and learn more about it.

I’m sleeping more restfully, eating more regularly and deep down believe I will one day have a baby.

You are an inspiration and I wish you all the best for your future in life and hypnotherapy. Thank you.”

– Amy Spencer


“I started seeing Melanie because I had some stress related to the impending birth of my baby. I also had some physical pregnancy symptoms that were bothering me, such as back ache, insomnia, swollen feet etc and also as it turns out, I was being bothered and frustrated by people’s rude comments during my pregnancy.

After seeing Melanie, I was thrilled with the way I was able to move on from the negativity I had been feeling, and move forward in a much more positive, relaxed and confident disposition. I always left feeling really relaxed and positive, and learnt to deal with the negativity I had been feeling.

I ended up having the best possible experience! My beautiful daughter arrived in the world during a very calm, relaxed (planned) c-section, with an incredibly quick recovery. My recovery even surprised my obstetrician when he found me walking around the hospital with Emily less than 24 hours after surgery.

I would definitely recommend Melanie to others. She was very understanding of the problems I was having, and able to adapt and change her plans to suit my needs each week, and always made me feel like I could conquer anything that came up along the way. I actually found it really enjoyable and think it was a great thing to do.”

– Sally Neville


“Before seeing Melanie, I felt exhausted and frustrated. I ate badly, dinner was after 9:30pm and I never got enough sleep. I spent my time worrying about my toddler’s eating and whether I was sufficiently helping her development. I felt completely unprepared for the arrival of my second child.

I hadn’t thought to seek help before because I was convinced this stress and disorder was normal and I would be left with no choice but to toughen up.

With Melanie’s help, I was about to identify the source of my anxiety. We found ways to structure my day to meet my needs and those of my family. My constant worry decreased and I felt more in control. I started sleeping better and remained more calm during the day. I felt less overwhelmed by the idea of adding a newborn to my life. I even started finding time for myself. I had gone from starting the day already exhausted to waking up feeling alert and confident to tackle the day’s challenges.

I would definitely recommend Mel to my friends. She was very professional and easy to talk to. She helped me open up about my struggles and she had so many solutions for me to try. Her hypnosis was very effective and I left our sessions happy and relaxed.”

– Alison Draca


“Before seeing Melanie, I was a little apprehensive about what would be involved and I didn’t know a lot about hypnotherapy (only what you see on TV where people are supposedly made to do silly things).

After seeing Melanie, I found I had a deeper understanding of hypnotherapy and a deeper awareness of my subconscious mind. I was amazed at how deep I was able to get with hypnotherapy and how comfortable I was with it.

I am most thrilled with how positive it made me feel about myself and how with each session I felt a deeper connection with my subconscious mind.

I would recommend Melanie as she made me feel at ease by talking me through the process and explaining how hypnotherapy works. She has a great attitude towards the process and made it easy for me to relax and go deep into hypnosis and achieve a positive and new outlook on myself. Thank you.”

– Victoria Stow

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