The Fertile Womb

Fertility Transformation Program

Ready to address the non-medical causes of infertility so you can finally fall pregnant and welcome a healthy baby?


Have you tried everything to fall pregnant and yet it still hasn’t happened? Are you sick of people telling you to “just relax” or “think positive” or “stop trying and it will happen”?


The Fertile Womb 12 week Fertility Transformation Program

I created The Fertile Womb Program for women like you, who (like me) realise that the root cause of your fertility troubles likely lies in your mindset, lifestyle, emotions and/or energy.

Me (Melanie), my husband Andrew, with daughter Imogen and son Oscar


This is THE program I wish existed when I was on my OWN fertility journey!

I have pulled together everything you need to know and do to clear the path for pregnancy (without any unnecessary information that you don’t need to know!).


The program is a culmination of my expertise from years working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, HypnoFertility Premier Practitioner (one of only 12 in the world and the only one in Australia), NLP Practitioner, Health Coach, Pilates instructor, Energy and Soul Medicine Practitioner, Meditation teacher, Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition coach and over 6 years of working 1:1 with fertility clients.

"I have not found anything better or remotely like the Fertile Womb that takes a whole life approach to fertility and has the remarkable benefits that improve your wellbeing and leave you feeling like your cup is full regardless of what is going on in your journey. If only more practitioners were trained to do this kind of work it could really change the industry."

Linda R.

I created this program for busy, driven women who are sick of the research, confusion & frustration and want a simple, step-by-step program to address the unseen, non-medical causes of fertility troubles.


There is absolutely no other program out there like this!

The Fertile Womb is a step-by-step program that addresses all of the emotional, mindset and lifestyle issues that affect fertility. It takes a WHOLE life approach to fertility, and looks at ALL areas of your life, your mind, body and spirit to work out what’s stopping you from getting pregnant.


The Fertile Womb is a truly results-oriented program and a groundbreaking combination of science and soul-medicine firmly anchored in clinical experience, timeless wisdom and Mind-Body principles.

"..two days after our last session, I found out that I was pregnant. Life is good!"

Nicki Page

"I cannot thank her enough for helping me achieve my dream of falling pregnant!"

Amy Spencer

Through The Fertile Womb you will:

  • Get your nervous system back in balance (so that your hormones balance naturally, you are sleeping better and your immune system and reproductive system are firing like they should)
  • Clear any subconscious fertility blocks that might have been holding you back
  • Address sources of stress in your life so you’re feeling relaxed and in control, allowing the body to prioritise pregnancy
  • Leverage your feminine energy so that you’re embracing a more feminine way of approaching the fertility journey which is not only just a way more enjoyable way to live but will massively boost your chances of success. 
  • We will also use hypnotic visualisation and mind-body tools to stop the constant fertility-related thoughts and prime your mind and body for pregnancy


All this from the comfort of your OWN HOME without juggling multiple fertility appointments, taking handfuls of supplements and cutting everything edible from your diet.

The Fertile Womb is unique and it works!

Sarah shocked her doctors by falling pregnant on a cancelled stimulated cycle..


"It sounds really cheesy but The Fertile Womb really changed my mindset. I learnt a lot about what healthy really was. I would have told you I was the healthiest person and that pregnancy should have happened but I now know I absolutely was not healthy (whether that was in my mind or in my body). While I was still seeing doctors and the medical world, what saved me and what kept me in the best frame of mind was this constant support and constant mindset I was in from The Fertile Womb, which meant that the doctors appointments that can feel quite hopeless, cold and clinical and not very personal (and a little bit judgemental!) were completely fine. That’s when I think things really changed. About a month after I finished The Fertile Womb I was pregnant!

I fell pregnant on a cancelled stimulated cycle. Nobody believed me! I didn’t quite believe it myself. I really struggled to reconcile the science. It was very very strange. My doctor didn’t believe me and I did wait to get blood results to confirm it before I even told my husband because it shouldn’t have happened but I’m glad that it did happen that way because it taught me a valuable lesson."

Sarah Moore

Yes! I want to enrol and take charge of my fertility journey in 2021!

So how does it work?


Part 1: The COURSE

Step-by-step video lessons, guides, meditations and hypnosis tracks
  • 10 modules
  • Study online
  • Lifetime access
  • 24/7 support
  • Everything you need to address the non-medical, underlying causes of infertility, and make pregnancy a natural, likely occurrence

When you join the Fertile Womb, you will get instant access to a specially designed online membership portal and 10 modules are released in the portal over 12 weeks.

Each module contains a series of videos, an audio hypnosis track to listen to and a pdf workbook to work through.


So each week, you just watch the videos, listen to the hypnosis track and work through the pdf workbook. Then the following week, the next module is released and you do the same.

Everything you need is outlined step-by-step in the order you need it and those modules are yours to keep for life. You can watch them any hour of the day so if you’re busy, that’s not a problem. You can watch them at night or listen while you're on the treadmill.

"I now have faith back in my body and I feel in control of my life again. I am less rocked each month if we find out we are not pregnant."

Sally M.

"I am now 33 weeks pregnant and can't remember a time when I felt happier or healthier"

Karen Gregor

Part 2: FAQs Database

As they say, the devil is in the detail and I know you’ll have some questions

That’s why the Fertile Womb includes an extensive searchable Frequently Asked Questions database. Simply type in your question and you will get your answer immediately - no time wasted waiting for a response.

"The Fertile Womb course was exactly what I needed. It is so much more than a course on hypnosis or even bettering yourself to increase chances of conception—as it offers so much more! It sounds cliche but I became the best version of myself with just a few tweaks and overall self improvement I learnt throughout the course.

My thoughts, attitude, sleeping habits, eating habits, personality, health and relationship were just some of key things I improved during the course. Friends, family and colleagues had noticed the changes and that I was absolutely beaming with life and true happiness, which I’d only felt once or twice in my adulthood before.

Although it was the icing on the cake, I’m happy to say I fell pregnant days later, and I am now 17weeks pregnant.

Melanie Colwell is a compassionate, knowledgeable and exceptional woman, giving other women the tools, advice and support to be the best and happiest person they can be, ready to conceive.

I recommend this course to every woman contemplating conception or already on a journey to conception."

Chloe Smith

Part 3: BONUS Hypnosis Tracks

When you join The Fertile Womb today, you will also receive:

5 POWERFUL hypnosis audio tracks to help you on your fertility journey

Including tracks to help you relax after a hard day, improve your sleep and feel more positive.

Part 4: BONUS Guest Expert Interviews

When you join The Fertile Womb today, you will ALSO receive recorded interviews with 4 incredible guest fertility experts on the topics of:

  • Fertility Nutrition
  • Fertility Yoga
  • Womb Massage
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Feng Shui for Fertility

So you can stop researching or sifting through conflicting advice - these guest experts answer your most burning fertility questions.

Karalea fell pregnant NATURALLY with twins while preparing for another round of IVF..


"The Fertile Womb came exactly when I needed it. With 2 failed rounds of IVF, The Fertile Womb directed me to establish an insight into myself and broaden my knowledge in regards to self care and self worth. I have absolutely no doubt that I wouldn’t have fallen pregnant without the support of The Fertile Womb and practices Mel guides us through. The bonus was I was able to CANCEL my 3rd round of IVF and am now blessed with 6 month old twins which were conceived NATURALLY. Forever grateful to Mel for this great gift"


I designed this program specifically for busy women like YOU who are often juggling multiple commitments and appointments.  I have packaged up my expertise in a way that can be easily integrated into your life, so that you can achieve results in the fastest and most effective way possible.


Clear the path for pregnancy without the travel, waiting around in waiting rooms and spending hours in 1:1 appointments.

"Usually I’d feel jealous or resentful because I felt it was unfair but I saw a few ladies with bumps this week and I didn’t have such strong feelings as before and kind of felt happier and more positive towards them. I’m getting so much out of this course!"

This is for you IF:

  • You are a self-responsible, highly-motivated, growth-oriented woman
  • You intuitively feel that there is something out of alignment in your mind, energy or life that is stopping you from falling pregnant
  • You feel like your fertility challenge is here to shine a light on what in your life needs to be healed, changed or shifted
  • Part (or all!) of you feels called to participate in The Fertile Womb (even if you don’t intellectually know why…)
  • You desire to be in a container of conscious, soulful women calling in pregnancy in 2021

You may have unexplained infertility or a fertility-related medical diagnosis. You may be trying to fall pregnant naturally or with medical-assistance. You may be in a straight or same-sex relationship or you might be single.

If you want to address the unseen, underlying issues that might be affecting your fertility that conventional fertility practitioners do not even mention, if you want to address your mind to clear the path for pregnancy and you want the peace that comes with knowing you tried everything possible to give yourself the best chance, plus you want to feel healthier, happier and more in control of your life while on the journey, then the Fertile Womb is right for you.    

If that’s you, join us now! I can’t wait to hear your success story!

This is NOT the right opportunity for you if:

  • You need hand-holding to implement coaching programs or make life-changes
  • You struggle to let-go, trust and implement advice
  • You’re attached to maintaining a victim identity
  • You believe that your challenge is solely a medical issue
  • You desire to receive medical help or advice from this program
  • You need convincing that The Fertile Womb is right for you
Give me instant access now!

Ruth fell pregnant NATURALLY at age 43 after 16 failed IVF attempts!


Some other past client love...

"Regardless of what you’ve been told about your fertility, you need to know that your ability to conceive is profoundly influenced by the complex interaction among psychosocial, psychological, and emotional factors, and that you can consciously work with this to enhance your ability to have a baby."

Dr. Christiane Northrup, ‘Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom’

Here's what you'll learn:



Make peace with your body and take back control of your life and fertility.


Understand stress and how it affects your fertility + what to do about it.


Tools to help you work with your natural sleep rhythms so that you not only feel more rested but this will do more for your hormone balance than anything else you could be doing.


Give yourself permission to be happy now while you are on this journey + the tools to help you feel happier today. Boost your chances of success with visioning exercises.


Dealing with the emotional rollercoaster of a fertility journey. How to stay positive when you don’t want to get your hopes up and how to handle other people in your life (like the ones who tell you to "just go on a holiday and it will happen!").


How to cut through the overwhelm + what you should be eating to fuel your body and mind for conception (so that you know you’re doing everything you can to improve your chances of conceiving). PLUS, why how you eat is just as important as what you eat.


Powerful mind and body techniques to boost your fertility.


Getting you back in tune with your true nature, reconnecting with your feminine energy, dropping the push and strive and embracing a more aligned way to attract your baby.


Bye bye energy drains, people-pleasing and feeling walked all over… Hello living life on your terms in a way that everybody wins (and your fertility is boosted).


Become fearless on your journey and feel aligned with your path moving forward. Eliminate subconscious fertility blocks and walk away with a step-by-step plan on what to do next.

More past client love...

Yes! I want to clear the path to pregnancy right now!

Alison fell pregnant NATURALLY after doctors said she was infertile..


"Prior to starting The Fertile Womb Program I was taking my temperature every morning, checking my fertility app 5 times a day and feeling really down by the lack of control and, by trying to get more control I was making it worse.

I can’t even compare how I feel now it’s so different. Now I feel like I’ve got all the time in the world. I’m taking time to build my body and make myself the healthiest version of myself to support a positive pregnancy and to look forward into the future.

I have lost 10 kgs since starting the Fertile Womb journey because I have made massive changes to my life in terms of how I exercise, how I eat and how I live my life.

Just join The Fertile Womb! It will change your life. The number one thing that’s driving the program is actually getting results and changing people’s lives. I’m a 100% of a different person since doing The Fertile Womb."

- Alison Lawrence

(UPDATE: A couple of weeks after this interview, Alison found out that she had fallen pregnant NATURALLY and now has a beautiful baby girl!)


The Fertile Womb is an entire step-by-step program to address all of the unseen, underlying causes of infertility to get you off of the fertility rollercoaster and clear your path to pregnancy.

The investment for this ENTIRE powerful program is substantially less than just 1 round of IVF.

Single payment of


(AUD) Pay In Full


3 monthly payments of


(AUD) $3,141 Total


Take control of your fertility TODAY

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can put your mind at rest and join today with total confidence because I offer a 14-day money back guarantee.

This means you can join The Fertile Womb Fertility Transformation Program, complete the first two modules, participate in the calls and community and if for any reason you decide that the Fertile Womb is not for you, you can get a full refund - no questions asked.

“Hi Melanie,

You don’t know me but I am a friend of K. R. and have seen the transformation she has gone through whilst doing your program.

I wanted to send you a quick message to tell you that you’re pure magic. I am sure you already know that but I think in business, it can’t hurt to hear it again and again and again.

I’ve been recommending you and your program to anyone who tells me about fertility problems and am a huge advocate for what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

I really wanted to simply acknowledge you and the work you’re doing.

Keep being awesome, you’re making a HUGE difference.



'Professional' Biography

Melanie is a Mind-Body Fertility Expert and Clinical Hypnotherapist who helps ambitious, driven women get pregnant and enjoy stress-free pregnancies and calm births. Her speciality is helping women to fall pregnant naturally when doctors have said IVF is their only hope.

Melanie has appeared on SBS TV programs, Insight and The Feed, and in various print and online media including Cosmopolitan Magazine and Melanie has been privately trained and mentored by Lynsi Eastburn, the world’s leading expert in HypnoFertility and is the only practitioner in Australia that Lynsi recommends.

“Wow what can I say – I was initially hesitant with starting the Fertile Womb Program with an already overcommitted schedule and my feelings of hopelessness on our fertility journey, I was worried that this would be the next “thing” that we would try and be heartbroken from.

Even though I thought we had tried everything from countless doctors and specialists, naturopaths, acupuncture and every other modality I could think of, I eventually made the decision to start it anyway and from the first week of the program I knew I was onto something very different.

This program has had very unexpected benefits for me – it has brought on a cycle of new change and understanding of my body and mind and even my personality that I did not have before. The energy in our home and even my work has changed and it has even had a flow on effect on my husband and his career as he has watched me change over the last 12 weeks. I have a deep sense of peace and happiness and my perception has really changed from a place of lack in regards to the baby journey, to a place of complete fullness.

I can not thank Melanie enough for her dedication to her clients, professionalism, and knowledge and for having the courage to create a program that charters different territory and provides such a nurturing and supportive platform for growth. This program really has had life changing results and we will be forever grateful."

K. R.

Some more amazing Fertile Womb past clients and their stories...

Sam fell pregnant NATURALLY after being rejected for IVF..

"We’d had a referral to an IVF clinic for a few months down the track but decided in the meantime we’d give ourselves another go at trying naturally because we thought IVF was going to be a big long, expensive journey that could have taken several cycles. We thought we’d try one last ditch attempt before we went into that sort of thing and give ourselves a go and so joined The Fertile Womb. We thought what did we have to lose really!?

Our IVF appointment was actually somewhere during the Program itself. At that appointment we were told that we weren’t able to have IVF through them because I am overweight and they didn’t accept that there. But the day after our IVF appointment I actually found out that we were already pregnant!

I got so much out of The Fertile Womb Program. Both myself and my husband really loved the hypnosis tracks. We put them on every night and listened to them after we had said good night to each other and listened to them falling asleep to your voice. It’s very relaxing and calming and the first hypnosis track in particular really surprised both of us. I really slept so well after that. When I woke up throughout the day I remember feeling different - perked up, spritely, ready to tackle the day. I felt happier and lighter and slept really well after that and it only got better and better each day.

If you have been told that IVF is your only option, really what have you got to lose by spending the money on The Fertile Womb Program compared to thousands and thousands of dollars on IVF? Give yourself a chance to do it yourself."

- Samantha Butcher


Natalie fell pregnant NATURALLY after years of trying and a miscarriage..

"I think the mind is so important and The Fertile Womb was something I could do that was proactive and if nothing else, I was hoping it would get me into a better headspace because it had all been pretty stressful and negative. I thought, "what have I got to lose? The program was not going to have any nasty side effects like a drug so I thought I’d give it a go. I wondered if the Fertile Womb was going to be worth the money but then I thought about how much money we had already spent on doctors appointments and tablets and acupuncture.

I ended up falling pregnant during the Fertile Womb program after 2 years of trying.

My favourite part of The Fertile Womb was having something to do each week that was just for me. You can get into a bit of a rut when trying to get pregnant. I liked having that hour or two each week where I’d look at the module and reflect on some of the questions. I also really liked the hypnosis - it was really relaxing. I did it most nights.

Give The Fertile Womb a go! It’s not going to do any harm or hinder your chances of falling pregnant at all - it’s only going to help. You will hopefully get some surprising results and if not you will just be in a better headspace yourself at the end of it."

- Natalie Tyson

I'm ready to BOOST my fertility right now!


Yes! These tools and techniques work to boost your chances of conceiving regardless of whether you are trying naturally or with medical assistance such as IVF. In fact, studies have shown that hypnosis and mind-body programs at least double the success rate of IVF. Most IVF clinics recommend that their patients seek hypnotherapy as part of their treatment.

The Fertile Womb is appropriate for you no matter what stage you are at on your fertility journey. If possible, it is ideal to put IVF on hold while you complete the 12 week program so that you can get the full benefit from the program and are in the best possible position to maximise your chances of success when you commence IVF (plus you may also fall pregnant naturally during that time!). Putting IVF on hold isn’t always an option and that’s absolutely fine. The Fertile Womb Program will still support you to maximise your chances of success if you undergo IVF during the 12 weeks.

The Fertile Womb Program addresses the emotional, mindset and lifestyle factors that can affect fertility. If you think that your fertility challenges may be impacted by those factors and you’re ready to go beyond just the physical to boost your fertility then The Fertile Womb Program is right for you. The Fertile Womb will complement anything that you are doing with your natural or medical health team.

Yes! Being on a fertility journey in your late 30s and 40s can be especially tricky from a mindset perspective. Doctors often emphasise your age, the lower likelihood of success and remind you that you’re ‘running out of time’. No matter how positive you are, it can be hard to manage your journey without taking on those negative beliefs at a subconscious level (which can then cause negative hypnosis). If you are over 35, it is even more important to address the mind-body connection to boost your chances of success.

Hypnosis (trance) is part of our normal, daily lives. If you are alive, over the age of 2 and of normal intelligence, you have been hypnotised many times in your life, whether you know it or not. You don’t need to be relaxed to be hypnotised and you can’t do it wrong.  Anyone who wishes to be hypnotised can be hypnotised under the right conditions. It is a myth that strong minded people can’t be hypnotised - in fact, strong minded people often get the best results!

Yes. When you join The Fertile Womb now, you will have 12 months access to the online membership portal (and all material is downloadable and yours to keep for life). So you can absolutely join now and start when you are ready.

The Fertile Womb Program has been designed specifically for driven, busy women. It is a clear, step-by-step program that can be completed in about 2-3 hours per week. In fact, many women have found that the program actually saved them time - no more researching, wondering, obsessing or wasting time on ineffective approaches. The videos for each module run for about 1-2 hours. Many clients have watched those while on the train on the way to work or while at the gym. The hypnosis tracks are between 15-40 minutes long but you can listen to these while you are falling asleep at night so don’t really take up any extra time.

Woohoo! All of the material in The Fertile Womb is applicable to the first trimester of pregnancy, which is an incredibly important time. If you fall pregnant during your time completing the Fertile Womb, keep going with the program.

Your satisfaction is extremely important to me! If you decide that the program is just not for you in the first 14 days, you can get a no-questions-asked full refund.

All materials and recordings are downloadable and are yours to keep for life – perfect if you want to review the material at a later date or repeat the program for a future pregnancy.

Yes! The Fertile Womb clears the path for pregnancy regardless of the method you are using to fall pregnant.

Yes! The Fertile Womb can be completed 100% from the comfort of your own home. Everything you need to clear the path to pregnancy is included in the online program and you do not need to leave the house to get the benefits.

Join Now to maximise your chances of a successful pregnancy!

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